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Sundarban Tour

Sundarban is the popular name among the tourist for a adventures place. Sundarban (সুন্দরবন) means " beautiful forest". The SUNDARBAN named for the forest of Sundari Trees.

Sunderbans tourism has taken a special position for the diversity of the vast species. The Sundarbans climate situation is one of the reasons for biodiversity here. Every year thousands of visitors visit Sundarbans.B ut as per govt rule, they are allowed for visiting buffer area of Sundarbans. External people are not allowed to enter the core Sundarbans area.
Tiger in Sundarban
Tiger in Sundarban

Sundarbans, the world heritage site:

In 1997, UNESCO declared Sundarbans as a World Heritage Site for the natural environment of biodiversity. According to UNESCO, the Sundarbans spread over 10000 km2 area. Many species of birds and animals have been found in Sundarban for the favorable environment. The world's largest mangrove forest are growing in the Sundarban.
Mangrove forest in Sundarban
Mangrove forest in Sundarban

According to a research report, there are 290 species of birds, 120 species of fish are found in Sundarban. The Sundarbans, which attract tourists especially, are the world famous Royal Bengal Tiger. Besides, there is always a tourist crowd in the Sundarbans to look for coconut, deer, marine dolphins, etc.
Tourist in Sundarban
Tourist in Sundarban

According to the recent survey, 200 tigers of Sundarbans have been found.
Forest department is always active to protect wild animals and wildlife, In spite of this, tigers are often turned into an orchard.
UNESCO divides Sundarban in three-part at the basis of the density of the forest

1.sundarban west wildlife sanctuary:

This part of Sundarbans is in Bangladesh Region. This is the biggest part of Sundarbans, almost 60% of all Sundarban. The Raimongal River separates that part of Sundarban. The largest Mangrove forest in the world is grown in this part of Sundarbans.

2.Sundarban south sanctuary:

This part belongs to the India region. Mainly Sundari Garan, Golpata, Hetal trees are available in that Sanctuary. Sundarban Nation Park is situated in this Sanctuary.this part is exempt

Sundarban National Park
Sundarban National Park

3.Sundarban East Sanctuary: 

This part of Sundarban is the outer part situated at the bank of the sea. Tiger reserve of wildlife reserve sanctuary was made in here. Tourists are allowed to travel here only. Local resorts and hotel are grown un that part of Sundarban.

Location of Sundarban:

A part of the Sundarbans is located in Bangladesh and another part in India. Almost 4260 km2 of Sundarban is in India. Mainly Sundarban extends in India's South 24 Parganas and North 24 Parganas district. The Sundarbans is located in the mouth of the Ganges Brahmaputra and Meghna river. The great Bay of Benga is near Sundarban. Sundarban consists of many islands. These Islands are separated by rills. The Sundarban is the biggest island among those. 

How to Reach Sundarban :

Every time in a year, tourist visit Sundarban.B ut Before entering the Sundarbans, everyone must get permission from the forest department of Sundarban.

Way to Sundarban
Way to Sundarban


The most preferable way to visit Sundarbans is Waterway as a adventures tour. Sunderban is covered by rivers all over the side so, it is easy to reach Sundarbans through waterways. So, to reach Sundarbans through Waterway you must borrow a boat or launch from any ferry Ghat in North 24 pagans or south 24 Parganas. Namkhana, canning, Kakdwip, Hasnabad are some ferry ghat from  the bots are despatcher for Sundarban
On the boat in Sundarban
On the boat in Sundarban


if you like to reach Sundarban though rode way, so then you should reach first Hasnabad. The Sundarbans is about 90km from Hasnadab. From Hasnabad you can borrow a car or you may go with your personal car to your final destiny Sundarban.

(Hasnabad is the gateway to the Sundarbans. It is situated at the bank of Icchamati River. The famous picnic spot on the map of what Bengal, Taki is situated near Hasnabad. You can visit Taki. It's really a wonderful place. There is always a crowd of tourists In Taki, West  Bengal.)

Culture And People in Sundarban: 

The lives of people living in the Sundarbans are very difficult. Some years ago the electricity connection reached in the Sundarbans. As the soil of the Sundarbans is saline, the people of this area have to face difficulties.
Fisherman in Sundarban
Fisherman in Sundarban

 Some special types of rice and coconut trees are very good in the soil of the Sundarbans. Currently, people living in Sundarbans have become city-oriented for a better life. In spite of strict guard, the hunter-gatherers are in the Sundarbans, As a result, many species of wild animals and trees are facing losses.


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